Japanese Movie 18+ The Mourning Forest

The catgirl's eyes grew a little wider at the strange purple woman approached her and proposed impossibilities. Of course her claws and teeth couldn't grow back! Perhaps If they were merely broken, but still partially there...

Risa looked from the Catgirl to Selene and back, then shrugged. She continued on talking without giving either of them a chance to get in a word edgewise. "Eh, nevermind. I will go ahead and create the room you request. On one condition: you let me do this." Hand glowing with purple energy, she took hold of Ylene's shoulder.

Ylene winced away from Risa's touch, but there wasn't any place for her to go when she was being held by Selene. The Catgirl felt a burst of power through her system, then a mildly painful ache as her claws and fangs grew back. Even after the brief contact, she tried to scramble away. The drow held her firm, however, until the surprising and slightly disturbing sensations died down and Ylene was left in a half-daze.

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