Drum And Bass 2012 Neuro Tech Dark (Free Download) (HQ)

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1. Alpan & Aytekin - Marduk & Mocks
2. Amoss - Tripped
3. Mikal - Foundation
4. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
5. Wreckage Machinery feat. Logam - Repercussions
6. Allied - Transduction
7. Disphonia & Kantyze - Zig Zag
8. Arp XP & Estel Luz - Closer (Survivor Remix)
THATS AS FAR AS I GOT! I have so many tunes, it was a schoolboy mistake not to do the tracklist after LOL! the tunes below are also in the mix but they aren't in any particular order. good luck finding the rest cause i cant be fucked to go through all my tracks yet!!

Paimon & Place 2B - Madfunk
Agressor Bunx - Apollo 18
Bionic1 - Flick The Switch
Mikal - Dimension
epidemic - stomata
Disphonia & Kantyze - Zig Zag
Monoploe - Future Signal
Sub Focus - Stomp
Chris SU - Datahub (Mindscape Remix)
Hedj - Acid Fruit
Ram Trilogy - No Reality (Noisia Remix)
Qo - Infected

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